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Reddit Red. It would have flecks of gold.

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Discovered you first in Your Sister's Sister at TIFF... and then Safety Not Guaranteed. Love the vibe of your films, and I think you fill a void for small, personal, character driven movies.

My question: How do you feel about movie trailers?

I hate them and think they give WAY too much away, like wrapping a gift in cellophane. Is this every an issue you think about?

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I like your wording of this because it really captures a strong dynamic in a relationship I was in... long, long ago.

What I discovered was... the other person intuitively/unconsciously senses this insecurity and 'neediness' and shifts ever-so-slightly to an even more unbalanced position... to the point where you find yourself in a joyless, lop-sided relationship. It's difficult to reclaim that territory once you've relinquished it to them.

Luckily I found strength within that I didn't know I had... and I left him. Probably the single most difficult yet impactful decision of my life. A great life-lesson too because it made me negotiate with myself on figuring out where my relationship boundaries were, based on a new-found respect for myself.

I also went to therapy to figure out why I married who I married so I wouldn't repeat the mistake again. Now THAT was fascinating.

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I like. Gives the vague premise, but not the story. Others could learn from this!

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Heard you first on Jian Ghomeshi's "Q" and shortly thereafter I joined Dying With Dignity Canada. So thank you for that.

Have you found a shift over the last few years in how people think about mortality and dying? Especially since we've got this HUGE generation of baby boomers who are about to face the unavoidable?

Thanks for lifting the shroud off this 'must discuss' subject!