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What would you say to a young tech enthusiast who would like to be more active in the fight for our privacy?

OnlySleepsWithAFanOn8 karma

Relax dude. No need to be a dick.

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He asked if you're a space lizard.

Are you?

Surely, a space lizard would want one man to be responsible for an agency of government he has no participation in, and to boot, he should be solemn whenever talking about the said agency. His non-participation in the CIA truly shows how much of a shill he is for laughing off your question. You're right.

It must be tiring to be so right so often.

Let us know, what else should we avoid when joking, in an effort to not offend you?

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Sorry it took so long to answer. You will never believe where I've been.

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Smart man.