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It's like a video game, why would the team captain keep all the worst players?

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You should start working on your résumé..

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I'll go ahead and just start with the downvotes now and change it when you deliver. Thabks

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Hi Chris, you seem a person that has a passion to help others. That passion drives you to work on things that benefit humankind as a whole, which in turns helps you build a network that will help keep you eating. It's very nice to hear of your passion, it's definitely a story of someone who has broken free from the shackles set fourth by the mind itself.

When did the moment click for you? When did the stars line up for you and did you realize it at the time or did it take a few more events to unfold?

Thank you for your work, it is truly inspiring. It is amazing what one person can do to change the world. If we all put fourth a bit of effort, we can do so much to make this world a greater place for our fellow brothers and sisters.

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My wife loves her Christian Louboutin's..

Anything I should tell her about the shoes? Are they even really made in Italy?

We don't buy our nicer stuff used or Craigslist.. Only stick to Saks, Bloomies, etc.