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Some people contend that the manner of the Charlie Shrem arrest was a PR stunt coordinated by regulators and law enforcement to intimidate bitcoin entrepreneurs a day ahead of the NY DFS hearings.

For instance, rather than pick up Charlie quietly (say, at the restaurant he owns in Manhattan), or call him on the phone and ask him to report to the police station, they arrested him in the middle of the airport and perp walked him out of there.

Was the publicity tied to his arrest connected in any way to the hearings a day later?

Is NY DFS above such tactical maneuvers?

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Can you talk about how common it is for your customers to encrypt their address when they message you? What proportion of your customers would PGP encrypt ordering instructions, and what percentage would send you their address in cleartext?

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Personally, I'd love it if the guy in charge of regulating bitcoin had half his net worth in BTC. :)

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Wow. That blows my mind that so few people would do the bare minimum to protect their privacy when making these sorts of purchases.

Would it be likely that anyone who had a plaintext shipping address in a dealer's inbox when the cops imaged the SR server had their address compromised?