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I'm a bit late to the AMA, but I have a question that I would really like an answer from, from you. Lately, I've been very nervous and have had full-fledged panic attacks because of fear for the Ebola virus, and although I'm psychologically stronger now, I still get nervous or scared every once in a while at the thought of the virus getting out of hand. Especially now since I've heard about what happened in Texas (and judging how close I live to Texas, in Mexico), is there something I should know, or any facts that could calm me down even more? (I still am careful, and have improved my hygiene thanks to this, but I want to relax more, and worry more about productive things in my life, and try and donate money, or help those in need). Anyways, thank you a lot, and I would also like to say that you are truly great people for taking these great risks, and I wish nothing more than luck and well being for all of you, and any who is helping stop this outbreak.

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Thanks again! You do not know how much I appreciate this!