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Damn mad respect on you for posting this

Do you have any siblings? How's your relationship with your parents?

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I was 17-18 with two friends in Shinjuku Japan. Shinjuku is the red-light district which I was very naive and did not know what any of that shit was.

It was night and I strolled down by myself and all these middle-aged females kept asking me for massage and I said "no thanks, I don't have any pain" and non-stop people in suits kept approaching me and some offering these free sample tissues with numbers and pictures of girls and I just thought "Hey free samples!"

I just found one of them, it's been in my nightstand since 2008. On the top it says Super Relaxation Salon

Anyway the next day my friend said her back hurt and I said "OH I know! There's a bunch of these massage places around the area, it's really cheap like a few thousand yen only!". She looks at me and goes,

"OnfiyA that isn't for massages..."


"Are you being serious?... those places are for sex."


I couldn't wrap my head around that... my impressions of Japan was everyone is so friendly and likes to talk to strangers! They are such polite and nice people and it was all a lie! If my legs were sore that day because the day after we went to Mount Fuji I would have stopped by and expected an actual massage...