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Non reversibility is a feature, you can build reversibility and escrow on top of it. It would be a disaster if this were so on the protocol level. Bitcoin wouldn't work.

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Are Bitcoin ATMs legally safe if they are in compliance with state and federal laws? Are you going to regulate or make the installation of these ATMs clear on a legal standpoint. Basically so that investors feel safe installing them without fear of the state changing its mind and outlawing bitcoin ATMs?

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I wouldn't recommend or push people to invest in bitcoin even though I have myself, but if there had to be one it would be bitcoin as it has the first mover advantage and the most infrastructure built around it with a ton more venture capital being poured into it as we speak.

It's different from a social network in that anyone can work on bitcoin or build on top of it to create a different experience. You couldn't do that with Myspace or most other social networking sites so I think that comparison is invalid.

(Although, I do agree with it being a huge risk)

$1 /u/changetip

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In your opinion should more be done to punish banks that have laundered billions of dollars? Do you think a small fine compared to the money the banks made off laundering is enough?

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Thank you for lending your time to do this.