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What benefits do you receive?

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Why is substance abuse such a large problem in tribes? Do you believe these benefits help or hurt the substance abuse issues?

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How do you know suicide should be prevented? In my opinion suicide is not a crime and authorities need to recognize not everyone who commits suicide is in need to psychiatric intervention. We do not what consciousness, life or death are. Yet you people insist somehow wanting to die to means something is wrong with your brain, something that will happen far longer than life. It's like saying we know Blau is superior to red, to the point it's tragic if you think blau is superior to red. You ask what Blau is, you all vastly disagree on what Blau looks like but generally insist its superior to red. It's insane, there are so many errors in judgment in your thinking. You can also tell you have no idea what they are talking about and your judgment is utterly compromised by emotion.