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OnePunchManatee59 karma

A bit of advise:

1) put page numbers

2) the 3rd? Page says there are 2 types of modeling, then it lists 3 items.

3) the definition of p-value is wrong. It is the probability of getting data at least that extreme, given the data is generated from the null hypothesis. The probability of the null being thue is either 0 or 1.

Number 3 is a pretty sad mistake and makes reading any further pointless.

Ps. I just scanned the first few pages. I am sure there are many more issues I didn't see.

OnePunchManatee3 karma

Why do you think teaching kids is dystopian? I find letting kids play outside and having to play catch up starting in 2 years, and continuing for 50 more years to be dystopian.