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A question slightly unrelated to music-but do you have any anime/cartoon suggestions? Maybe ones that have AWESOME music, or ones that have a great plot?

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Hello there! I’m a HUGE fan of your composition/scoring for the show. The way your cues enhance the visuals and the voice acting is breath taking.

I had two questions. 1) Are we ever going to see a SVTFOE soundtrack-with a mixture of some of your favorite non-vocal cues, some full versions of Love Sentence songs, and possibly full versions of Bam Ui Pati/Shinning Star?

2) I’ve seen on your tumblr that you hated a lot of work you did in grad school, and I was just wondering if you could elaborate on your experience. Was it backlash from breaking out of the “typical classical mould”, was it bad experiences with professors? Or just finding your voice as an artist/composer? (I’m assuming you got a MM in composition/music theory?)

Thanks, hope you have a fantastic day!