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1) in the original Deus ex you have the chance to stick with the Brutal policy of the Unatco for a while but then you are forced to stick with the NSF, some hidden audio files hint that there was the intention to give to the player the choice to stick with the Unatco is it true? 2)You seem to care a lot about "player empowerment", do you think modern games are developing this aspect enough?, why do you think it's so important? 3)What do you think went wrong with Invisible War and Epic mikey 2?, what would you change about those 2 if you had the chance?

Thank you so much for doing this btw, Deus ex is imo the best game of all time, and it's a shame that you are not being so active in the gaming industry right now, don't waste your Genius talent man!

OneLameStabber2 karma

Thanks for Answering, i didnt want to say "wrong" because i think their bad games, i actually played and enjoyed them, Invisible war greatest strenght for me was that you had even more freedom and the player choices were even more meaningful compared to the original and i liked the story an awful lot, i guess that the issue is that people kept comparing the sequel to the original one when in truth it was a very different game, but i still loved it nonetheless.