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Things which will cause Excel to prompt if you want to save (even if you've recently saved):

  • Changing the active cell or selection
  • Selecting a cell for editing and exiting the edit without having made changes.
  • Selecting a formatting option which is already set (setting font size to 11 when it is already 11.
  • Changing the active worksheet
  • Changing any autofilter option
  • Selecting 'Refresh All' even if no data values have changed.
  • Printing (seriously).
  • Saving to a CSV file. (The file is always considered unsaved so you don't inadvertently close it after saving to CSV without saving to xls/xlsx causing you to lose formulas or formatting.)

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I'll give a case in point. I had to design a new system at work which affects multiple departments. After the third revision was completed, I was asked to demonstrate it to two of the department heads that wanted nothing to do with the design.

The one who was male basically said "Ok, so you got rid of the XYZ field. That's dumb, how are we supposed to track ABC?" [Insert my explanation.] "Gotcha. That makes sense."

The female department head basically said "Ok, so you got rid of XYZ field. What's your design for tracking ABC?" [Insert my explanation.] "Gotcha. That makes sense."

It's a subtle difference but yeah.

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I noticed this was unanswered so I'll take a stab.

I've always been the cheater type. It sucks, I've tried to change, but if some random woman starts being all infatuated with me and what not, I can't help myself.

I knew this about myself when I got into a relationship with my now-wife. I told her about this. Paraphrased, I told her "Listen, I'll probably end up cheating on you at some point. I want you to know that I'd never leave you for someone else, but I might date on the side or whatnot. I'm telling you this in case you can't deal with that and so you can back out before this get's real serious. Also, I'm fair. I won't get butthurt if you cheat on me so long as I don't loose you to someone else."

Turns out that in a previous relationship, she was the other woman and she's been in open relationships before.

She ended up cheating on me like two years into the relationship and, I guess she didn't believe me about not getting buthurt. I showed her the evidence (accidental picture message, etc). She started crying, I made her dinner and gave her a foot massage and reminded her that she's okay to do stuff outside of the relationship, just don't hide it.

Over the years, there have been many instances of us and friends hooking up while drunk. She loves loves to watch me with another woman. Swinging was the next logical step.

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It originally came with a black dude but he kept getting pulled over.

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I almost got aggressive with a drunk dude at a swinger party once.

He asked to join in with me and my wife. We both told him no due to him being super drunk and being a creeper on one of my female friends.

He tried to join in anyway and bit my wife's nipple. Like, kinda hard. I got pissed and told him to fuck off. Thankfully, he did.

He was asked to leave, and did so. Had he said no and tried to stay, there's lot's of other guys there that would jump at the chance to play hero.