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OmniaCausaFiunt19 karma

Whoa I have used Photopea for quick things, mainly for convenience but also just because buying Photoshop is not worth it for a casual/occasional user. It's such a good tool and as a fellow dev I really appreciate your work on it. It has a really clean UI and the ads aren't obtrusive. I hope you've been able to make enough off the ads to at least offset the time you have spent on it.

What did you code Photopea in, all JavaScript? No server so I guess there's no need for back end code... How do you end creating all the advanced features that Photoshop has to offer? Do you reverse engineer some of the features or already have an understanding of what it's doing on a granular level? If the latter did you already have an advanced skill set in Photoshop making it easier to break down what a feature is doing programmatically? I guess for me it's hard for me even think how I would tackle creating something like a gradient tool. I'm closer to a Paint user than a Photoshop user lol.