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Omeads7 karma

I'm a bookseller and have always had an interest in how each bookstore curates its shelves. Corporate bookstores can be expansive and cater to trends but Independents might choose to focus on specific areas or niches.

How do you and The Painted Porch curate what's on its shelves? Are there any books or types of books you would be opposed to selling?

Omeads7 karma

I'm at a small but popular indie shop in a college town. Our shelves are mostly a wide array of non-fiction, rounded out by a decent mix of classic literature and popular fiction.

It's interesting to see your perspective as an author on the bookselling/publishing world. I spent some time at B&N, and it's always dumbfounded me how the volume of some frontlist titles can overtake the shelf space of great books, only to sit largely unsold.

I will definitely be stopping by to pick up a book next time I'm visiting Austin.