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Olkaml164 karma

Hey Arin, do you think that if you swapped your luscious locks for Danny's you would steal all of his magical songwriting power OR lose all of your magical voice acting power? Who has the dominant hair?

Would you trade said hair-based powers?

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Hey Jennifer, this one's for you!

According to your IMDB you haven't had too long of a track record in the industry up until recently at Disney, where you've been at the helm of two incredible pictures. Has there been a secret to your success or is there stuff IMDB isn't telling us?

I'd also like to throw out that i'm a big fan of all of your guys work, as a writer with a penchant for fairytales and the ilk, the worlds you all create are great inspiration and I one day hope to be able to achieve some of what you have!

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Hey Ken, massive fan!

When you first earned your degree and tried to get work as a screenwriter, did you initially look into the video games industry as a potential place or employment or did you just sort of fall in and find you loved it?

As someone who has recently graduated with a film degree and a speciality in screenwriting, how would you recommend attempting to get involved in writing for games?