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My sister (29) died on January 25, 2016. She was an organ donor and we found out her heart went to a 43 yr. old female in North Carolina, her lungs went to a 51 yr. old female in Indiana suffering from pulmonary fibrosis which is an incurable disease. She is married, retired, has children ranging in age from 21-29 (at the time) and is very involved in her church, her liver went to a 44 yr. old female, one of her kidneys went to a 57 yr. old male in Michigan, her second kidney went to someone in NY.

I’m understand the want to hear your family member’s heart again. I hope this post gains the attention it needs to get you there. I haven’t met my sister’s recipients and it would make me feel closer to her if I did. I do find solace knows she’s all over the US and even if it’s just a piece of her, she’s still here.

Sending my love on this holiday!

Do you have any other family members who can help share the word on their social media accounts?

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Has this gone from 0 to Theranos really fast? Or is it just me.

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I though they had never disclosed their gender.