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I realize there's always data on the numbers of suicides, but I'm not sure if they also track main contributing factors. I guess it can be hard to determine after the case, but some collateral information from family could determine if the suicide was from longstanding issues with depression and anxiety that existed before Covid, or was a result of loss of business, employment, or purpose associated with lockdowns.

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Why are we only hearing about increases in cases and not the decrease in mortality rate in the media?

Is someone keeping track of suicides and mental health issues associated with 'Fighting Covid'?

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Did you guys eat any of that chili that fell on the floor?

..it sure looked delicious.

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'I went on CNN to tell the people violating social distancing rules that even kindergarteners have more empathy than they do.'

On a scale of 10 (10 being highest), how virtuous did you feel shaming people who don't live in fear?

Was there a less sanctimonious, condescending and divisive way to relate your message?