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OldGuyzRewl11 karma

As an aggregator, what is it about your site that either drives or draws applicants to it?

Do you monetize the traffic by charging for job postings, or job applicants?

OldGuyzRewl8 karma

Could a terrible (lots of blood and injury) accident that happened sixty years ago still cause PTSD?

OldGuyzRewl5 karma

How would you characterize the changes at the WSJ after it was purchased by Newscorp?

OldGuyzRewl2 karma

Presumably this occurred after you were diagnosed and successfully treated.

Were there any misgivings about the slight potential of transferring your cancer to a recipient?

OldGuyzRewl1 karma

Thank you. As a myeloma survivor, I am interested. If I understand correctly, Tony donated to you after he was successfully treated, right?