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You've repeatedly said tone is the first thing BGS prioritizes when designing a game. How do you pick a tone to build an entire game around? Are there conversations or even debates on what the tone should be? Also, how do you preserve tone across so many different areas of development especially the non-visual ones (such as npc dialogue) that can't pull so directly from your studio's excellent concept art?

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You've mentioned in the past that certain features in Skyrim were cut or deemphasized because they didn't feel fun to play. Has all that playtesting experience yielded any theories on what makes for a fun mechanic? How do you incorporate playtesting experience when planning/designing your next game?

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Appreciate the insight, thanks for responding!

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All the way back with Morrowind you described the engine toolkit you were working on then as an "operating system for RPGs". Is this still how you view its descendants Creation Engine and Creation Engine 2? How does this inform engine development? Does this mean the engine team adds features that never find their way into a game? If so, is there an interesting one you'd be willing to talk about?