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We just don't subscribe to last century's categorical definitions aas much as most folks do... When I was in high school in the 90's, music came in one container (a CD), films came in another (theaters), tv came in another (that box in your living room), journalism another (newsprint), and on and on ad infinitum. Now every one of those supposedly distinct cultural forms is distributed the exact same way -- all of them are ones and zeros that you get through your phone or laptop -- and the boundaries between them are more and more arbitrary every day. So we chase our creative ideas wherever they lead, and it doesn't particularly bother us if an idea winds up being visual as opposed to auditory. For us, the joy is in making stuff, and we feel super lucky that we have such a broad and inspiring canvas to work with. Plus, we love our songs. Every band has critics... fuck'em. -- damian

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nope. most of my lyrics are lies. sorry -- damian.

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The name OK Go is an old inside joke from when Damian and I were 11 and met at summer arts camp in Northern Michigan. It's something our stoned art teacher would say to us right before he expected us to have an artistic psychedelic awakening. -Tim

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I think YES! It would take a lot of special camera choreography and would be incredibly challenging from that perspective. But I'd love it if OK Go were considered. -Tim

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Damian is only saying this because he's the tallest.