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Ohthehumanityofit21 karma

Are there different grades of deafness? Where does 'profoundly' lie on this scale?

Ohthehumanityofit15 karma

Do you think that since cold preserves meat, you will live longer than me?

Ohthehumanityofit11 karma

damn. that's the question I wanted to ask. although mine would've been WAY less intelligible than yours. either way, like always, I'm too late.

Ohthehumanityofit5 karma

Hi Bret,

I read American Psycho about ten years ago. It remains one of the more disturbing pieces of literature I've taken in. What's your favorite character from any books besides yours?

Ohthehumanityofit1 karma

My wife would love me forever if I got you to say hi to her. Do me a solid?