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TIL to bring my own fist sized dildo so there's no confusion

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Can confirm, LC around here sells $5 HnR for $3.99 on Weds.

Ohmahtree174 karma

I think his plan may....go up in smoke....

Ohmahtree173 karma

I thought the same thing.

Then I ate it, and I swear my pizza loving mind got sent into the Matrix, I couldn't figure out how the cheese sauce was so good, when my mind and mouth wanted to taste pizza sauce.

Its incredible, as long as they don't f up t he pizza crust and make that shit hockey puck hard, its heavenly.

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Its only 2 locations that do it, both owned by the same franchisee. My guess is @ 3.99 its a break even or a loss. But yeah, its a legit thing, and not a "one time special" its every Weds.