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Ohhellopickles10 karma

THIS should be higher up!!! This hit my heart. This is relatable on all levels, big or small, we all know someone that beats themselves up a little or a lot. (Hint: It might be you!) Funny how much easier it is to forgive others (for smaller grievances) but you hesitate on or deny yourself? Because reasons? Thank you for this eye-opener. Or rather, heart-opener.

Thank you for this AMA. What you have experienced is unfathomable. It’s like trying to imagine the vastness of a billion. What you are sharing with the world now is important, valuable, valid and real. Thank you.

Musical artist Trevor Hall has a song called Forgive. He has a lot of other great songs with powerful lyrics. They help me a lot, I don’t know if they would help you or anyone reading, but I do recommend.

I pray for peace, comfort and more moments of purity in your life. Thank you for everything.