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A few years ago I was hit by a car and it severed a tendon, broke a few bones in my foot, and cracked my skull. After recovering for a few weeks and getting on feet (in a boot), my mother wouldn’t let me do anything from drive, walk to the mailbox, push the grocery cart or unload groceries. Pretty much anything remotely physical and in public. This went on for about 8 months after the accident because we hadn’t settled the insurance.

Obviously she claimed this was so that insurance couldn’t claim I was less injured than I was or was exaggerating. I always thought that was ridiculous because I had had multiple surgeries and very obvious injuries, and she was 100% responsible for hitting me head on with her car.

This also ties back into the post on the front page yesterday where OP’s sister was hit by a car and they posted a picture.

Can/will the insurance company really try to dispute such obvious and serious injuries? I get “I have back pain” being looked into, but serious, some times life-threatening injuries?

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Since your paid to review products, what if a product was really terrible or misleading? Would you air the review or just tell them you can’t do it?