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How are you coping with being the new doctor? Has it really hit you yet?

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I developed diabetic gasteroparesis at the age of 46. I couldn’t eat, and the subsequent hypoglycemia left me unable to do anything on my own. I couldn’t walk out of my apartment, nausea, exhaustion, constant memory loss and insane anger issues. I could deal with everything ( the memory loss was very difficult to deal with) except the loneliness. On my own, all day long with no one to talk to. Everyone was busy getting on with their life and I was stuck in this limbo. I went insane from loneliness.

Even though my disease was classified as incurable I kept up the hope that I could somehow beat it. I cannot tell you what that hope meant to me, regardless of how utterly unfounded it may have been. You have got to have hope that things will get better. You must use that as your guiding force. Do you have two choices, get busy living or get busy dying. And you were too young, and way too beautiful to give up.

What if anything can I or anyone else here do for you ??

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Are people prepared for the worst and do they have any kind of escape strategy in the Chinese launch military style attacks against protesters ?

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Is there anything that we can do to help you?

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What got you into writing so seriously at such a young age ?