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OhSoChewy18 karma

Hi! You were great (and cute-hot, mmm) in this. I’ll keep my eyes open for you in the future - and I hope Theo makes a return somehow!

I was very glad to see that the show not only hired you (a Deaf actor) to play a Deaf character, but worked with other d/Deaf folks on that episode. Representation is the most important thing.

I’m curious about Theo’s storyline. You got a ton of juicy bits, but it seemed like the “disability is a tragedy” trope was still at play (whether or not you see Deafness as a disability). The frustration in communication, and in Nathan’s character’s sadness at not being able to share musical experiences in the same way, seemed pretty realistic to me as a hearing person… but that centers a hearing person’s perspective when the episode is supposed to be from your POV. And life is about so much more than “Alas, he can’t hear my records!” So… how have your d/Deaf friends reacted to the episode?

If Theo got to come back, and we saw another Theo episode (or more!), what kinds of things would you like Theo to show that we haven’t seen before?

And if you did end up as more of a villain, or simply morally ambiguous, how would you chew the scenery? What would be your equivalent of the Steve Martin elevator scene?

Thank you for your time and your great acting!