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OfficialLunarG43 karma

We think this is a really good idea...but we don't think it is easy. We expect to see native OpenGL implementations continue for a while.

OfficialLunarG27 karma

We think about 600 lines of code, but you will reuse that code all the time. Should be available in open source libraries making it easy to reuse.

OfficialLunarG23 karma

Thanks again guys! We had a blast.

OfficialLunarG20 karma

We are developing a common loader to work across multiple simultaneous vendor's GPUs. This is not just for our driver, or a handful of select vendors. This is designed to address the cross vendor challenge you identify so well here.

OfficialLunarG15 karma

That is the target...but it will place a significant effort on app developers to make this work well.