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I was the last person to become involved in the heist, when they initially approached me about it, I said no for about a year, and then because of personal issues going on in my life, I eventually agreed to take part in it. I was the getaway driver.

We took the books to Christie's Auction House in NY, even though I vehemently disagreed because my family owned an auction house at the time and I understood the appraising process. Christie's researched the history of the books, the F.B.I. contacted them, and Spencer had given Christie's the number to his cell phone. Several months after the actual heist, we were arrested by a F.B.I. SWAT team.

Spencer initially saw the books during a private tour of the art program, Warren was the one who drove the idea of actually stealing the books.

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The idea was to sell the items to an overseas black market buyer in Amsterdam who "supposedly" agreed to pay 12 million dollars for the entire collection of John James Audubon's "Birds of America."

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I wouldn't recommend it.

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Immediately after Warren and Spencer came back from the meeting at Christie's Auction House. Spencer said he shared his personal cell phone number that could be traced back to him with Christie's.

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I have nothing to say other than I was wrong and I am very sorry. I never agreed with that, but ultimately I didn't prevent it from happening.