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You will never have your heart in what you do if you're simply working to make big money. I qualify this as a senior developer on a sub $50k wage working for a co-op retailer who're doing half a billion dollars in turnover for five years now. I've worked with contract developers, consultants for ERP integration companies who earn a great deal of money however I would not trade places for a moment. The way my department work is we deal directly with our end users face to face and are balls deep in the entire lifecycle of our software. Because we're personally attached and responsible to all our customers (i.e. some dudes in marketing want a web app) we're bound to it at conception for the whole time it's live. I would say that most paradigms require fine tuning but ultimately this all boils down to we get the glory. We see the difference, we know the guy that just got 2 days a week in time back.

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What's the most you've ever earned from a single private dance?

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Not bad but you look like you could get more, now on the open relationship, do you let all your partners cum inside you?