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Oderint11 karma

I saw you in Detroit your last time through and I sent you an email thanking you for an awesome show, which you responded to promptly. I was really impressed by that. How much time do you spend responding to fan feedback/mail?

Also, in Sons of Liberty when you go to the chorus are the chords

[F#] when they raise their hands up [B] our lives [E] to possess [B] [A]?

I played that at my Irish dancing show and those are the chords I used, but they don't seem 100%.

Oderint2 karma

Hey Phil! How well did the old quarter collecting go?

Also, I'd like to thank you for being the most honest musician ever. If you haven't you should subscribe to Guitar Guy Brian Haner on facebook or Twitter. He's pretty hilarious.

Oderint2 karma

OH MY GOD! I did Irish step dancing in college and the group of people I danced with remain some of my closest friends. Definitely one of the best things I did in undergrad.

I mean I've always enjoyed your cosplay, but knowing you're an Irish dancer too just put me in full crush status.