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We have a PH room that balances our outgoing wastewater. We use a solids and liquids OUT diversion system to limit nutrients that hit the PH room. We report our wastewater composition to the city of Fort Collins. We have considered a digester but because of our PH room, we have determined that we don't need one at this time.

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Hey! Cutthroat is one of our favorite beers as well. We bring it back every now and then as a limited release in our Colorado taprooms and a handful of bars around northern Colorado, but we don't do wide distribution of it anymore. We post our social media when we have it as a limited release, usually in late fall or early winter, so swing by if you're ever in the area to grab a pint!

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John: Eevee

Brandon: Charizard

Lauryn: Snorlax

Aundrea: Squirtle

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It's possible it could make a comeback! We can't guarantee anything but we'll put in a good word with the brewhouse.

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We are in the process of installing a CO2 recapture system at the brewery! Sustainability is a huge priority for us.