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What kind of interface would it have? Starflight of course has a third person "god view" even though one of the members of the crew serves as a kind of player avatar. There isn't a huge connection between the player and the player character, all the crew members are pretty much equivalent as story characters.

I think these choices were made more by the gaming culture and technology of the day more than intentional design. The style of today is more immersive and realistic, often even first person. The player isn't floating around aloofly like we typically did the 90s, we are embedded in the world, and living right inside a character's head.

I guess I'm asking, is S3 going to be retro or modern?

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Are you ever going to get a real job? When am I going to get grandkids?

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I mean, guns probably should be shooting video whenever they're drawn

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How effective is providing accurate information in correcting bad behaviour? Presumably for a lot of people, ignorance is not the root cause of their bad behaviour but really more of a carefully constructed defence mechanism.

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Do you ever have moments when your carnism fails you and you have feelings of guilt?