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Octavian-17 karma

Its election night and Trump is ahead in the vote count but hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots are still coming in. Do you think Trump will:

A. Declare victory and try to stop the counting of mail in ballots

B. Wait for mail in ballots to be counted

Same scenario, but Trump in incapacitated from corona virus and Pence is acting in his stead. What do you think Pence would do?

Octavian-1 karma

I really liked nudge, but I have one issue I was wondering if you could comment on. A large part of the book is about "econs" and their behavior. It has become trendy in social science to beat up on the concept of the rational man. As a social scientist though, I can't help but shake my head at all of it because the concept of an "econ" strikes me as a straw man. While economics indeed makes assumptions about rationality, these assumptions are never anything like the "econs" (i.e. perfect information and wealth maximizing). It seems to me that the entire premise of an econ is a misunderstanding of how economic models are constructed.

Your thoughts?