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Or maybe she wakes up at 430 AM... I know that's my problem.

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You've never met hospital administrators, I take it.

We've approached them about improving our PACS (Radiology) and how it would lead to improved efficiency/more images read/increase revenue by x number of DAYS (even though they cost ~30k). They said that the front end cost would prohibit such a transition even though there would be profit within, like, a week.

If you're horrible at medicine, business, and employee satisfaction, you're in luck! There's a career out there for you!

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Good luck getting departments/private practices to pay for this.

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As someone who has filled out applications to work at the VA in medical training, they don't give a shit. The VA is one of the most lackluster places on earth.

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How do you try to frame a logical discussion with people who truly believe that cancer has been cured, and it's simple greed that is driving current treatments and research? As a physician, I usually just avoid any significant discussion with those people, because trying to explain the variance in cancer pathology and natural history to a layperson who has already made their mind up seems to be a fools task.