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ObviouslyJesus61 karma

Thanks for taking the time for an AMA, can't wait for the new album. Here go a few questions I've got:

  1. Will 'Rylan' be released as a b-side/bonus track? I imagine this is something many people would be interested in.

  2. Who is the "Jennifer" referenced in 'Wake Up Your Saints' and 'Fireproof'?

  3. What are the backing vocals saying before "Don't swallow the cap"? It's been bugging me.

Saw you guys in Boston in 2011, see you at Lupo's this year! Thanks for the amazing music.

ObviouslyJesus17 karma

Thanks so much for answering/satiating my OCD. Love you guys.

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Agreed. The only way this works is if we have low-budget campaigns that consist ONLY of frequent debates between ALL parties on a HUGE lineup of issues. I'd be down for that. No more rallies, no more rhetoric, no more pandering, we all have to sit down at the TV and watch to be educated.