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What do you think about conflicts with Sharia law and local laws? Should they both be respected? If the local law decides no action should be taken and the sharia law says otherwise, which should over rule the other?

Btw thank you for your AMA.

-edit- going to do an edit reply, 2 parts.

1) It was responded by someone in the Organization much further down in comments and I am going to provide the link they gave (it was #5) http://www.trueislam.com/eleven-points/ . I find this answer not totally satisfactory. Though it answers through religious freedom (part of sharia law is about practicing faith, like pilgrimages, charity, praying, etc), the other half of sharia law is about practical legal issues (which is what my question was really about) inheritance, marriage, child custody, warfare, penal punishments and divorce. The video also mentions "justice" but it seems to be a very murky word (https://youtu.be/en8laKo5bAg?t=29s). There are constant on-going discussions about what justice is and how to implement it all over the world.

2) I asked this question to learn more, I kinda feel like it hijacked the conversation and I am sorry for this because it seems to have taken the conversation in a negative direction. At the same time I think it would have been avoided had a definitive answer been given or at least an explanation about how complex sharia law is and how much it differs from place to place. /u/dragutreis reply gave the best answer for anyone interested.

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What advice would you give non-muslim men that were/are interested in dating a muslim woman?