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Reminds me of Autism Speaks. Records revealed that they spend only about 4% of their budget on actually providing services / helping autistic people and their families with therapy, testing, diagnosis, and other treatments. Much more of their budget costs go to "administrative overhead" and "scientific research" [to try and develop a "prenatal test / cure to eradicate autism / autistic people"], but their marketing makes it seem like they're in it to help autistic people [when they're not].

Likewise, for years and years, until maybe the past few, they had allied themselves closely with the anti-vaxxer movement, promoting (and overlooking) the lie that "vaccines cause autism". They even had / hired Jenny McCarthy as a spokesperson for at least one of their official fundraising events in the past.

Even worse, they have been claimed by many who were previously with the charity to actively discriminate against people with autism and their families. This is by treating them as "inferior", as seen with John Elder Robison's reason for resigning from his authority position on Autism Speaks's board; and by refusing to give accomodations for employees / applicants with autistic children.

Make no mistake: Autism Speaks only cares about autism, and autistic people, from the standpoint that they are "the autistic problem" that "needs to be 'taken care of'". Sound familiar? It's near-identical views and rhetoric to how Hitler approached the "Jewish problem" leading up to, and during, WWII.

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Or, "I'll see you in court."

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OP answered this further down in the thread:

The thousands of generous, big-hearted Earthjustice donors who make our work possible. We represent hundreds of environmental groups every year, but we never charge for our legal services. That means we give away for free millions of dollars of high quality legal services every year. We’re able to do so because of our supporters, who are critical members of the Earthjustice team. If you’re already supporting Earthjustice, thank you for making our work possible! If you’re not yet a supporter but are interested in what we do, please consider joining us.

In some cases in which we file and win lawsuits against the federal government, we can recover attorney fees from the federal government. But those attorney fee recoveries are only a small part of our budget (around five percent or less). The great bulk of our budget comes from our wonderful donors, who make everything we do possible.

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They answered it quite clearly above:

We were as surprised to hear about this as anyone. We actually found out about it through Reddit comments. We have no idea who did the edit. (jm)

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If you could pick one butterfly species to model a runway look off of, which one would it be, and why?