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ObscureCulturalMeme156 karma

I wish Netflix would pick up the last few seasons/series. We saw as far as some early Capaldi, then nothing.

As someone who remembered watching the Doctor when it started broadcasting in colo[u]r, I'm pleased by the casting choices!

ObscureCulturalMeme113 karma

Will this incident cause you to consider moving somewhere else?

One the one hand, it's the community where you live. Family, friends, etc, are there.

On the other hand, that same community just removed your only source of income because they were angry at somebody else and you happened to be nearby.

ObscureCulturalMeme86 karma

I would give infinity dollars (or hell, pounds sterling) to see Capaldi just lose his goddamn mind in Tuckeresque fashion while speaking to the Daleks.

ObscureCulturalMeme84 karma

Just an aside, granddaughter, it's court-martial. And thank you for doing all this, your granddad is a good man.

ObscureCulturalMeme69 karma

Sometimes the players don't even realise that they're learning to manage anxiety while hunting a monster that feeds on fear

My face right now is that of the Sudden Realization meme guy. That's quite clever!