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Do you ever fingerbash yourself??

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Have you ever came across 2 gay guys having sex in the bushes?? It's happened to me before...

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I can assure you this story is 100% true. The movie cinema even put in a plaque stating "anybody who see's any unhygienic or unclenliness in the bathroom please report to staff imminently"

He's really fucked up but he's settled down these days not as crazy or sociopathic as he used to be.

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Oh common! Don't tell me you've never finger-bashed yourself while goblling on a big black cock.. Hahaha

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So in high school I used to have this really sadistic friend and for some reason he had a problem with movie theaters. He would always go out of his way to fuck them up or do stupid shit in them, so whenever we would all go out and watch a movie he would sit in the very corner and violently masturbate and cum on the seats in front of him.
The worst part was this one time 4 of us all went together, and he said "come to the bathroom, I've got something crazy in mind planned" not knowing what was going to happen I followed him and went to the bathroom with him- yet, to my surprise he pulled out a plastic shopping bag he bought his lollies and food with for the movies, then took the bag into the toilet, squatted down and shat into this bag. I'm talking running, sloppy, iced-cream-like poo in this bag. He then came out and went insane with the bag and started throwing the bag around and pieaces of clumps of shit would fly all over the mirrors and walls of the bathroom, smeered absolutely everywhere.

I couldn't handle what I saw and what just happened, so we went back to see our other friends in the movie and said he had just shat all over the walls, so a friend went and had a look. He went in there pretending to take a piss, and saw the manager come in and say " WHO.THE.FUCK WOULD SHIT ALL OVER THE FUCKING WALLS!!!!!!!" He came back and told us what he heard so we all decided to leg it and never return.

My friend who shat over the walls would then constantly ring to the movie theatre pretending to be a movie-goer victim that night walking into the mens bathroom. He would torment them and stalk them.

My question is: has anything to this extent ever happened in any other the movie theatres you've ever worked in?