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What’s the actual deal with fair use? Is there grey areas comedians can play around with, or is it pretty black and white?

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Joey!! I had no idea you grew up on a reservation. That’s so cool!!

Got a couple ?’s for you.

How do you try to insert your experience into your comedy writing?

And also,

So I just found out I’m 18% Native American. I’m Mexican so that’s no great surprise, but I want to educate myself more about my ancestry and try to feel closer. How would you suggest I go about this?

I also want to be respectful to someone with your experience and not diminish it. Basically I don’t wanna pull an Elizabeth Warren.

It’s me Steven btw :)

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Love you buddy and thanks for the thoughtful response!

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I’d also really want some clarity on when it actually steps away from fair use into copywrite infringement. Is it when I begin making a profit? Or when a larger Prod Co. gets attached?

The funny thing is agents and managers don’t really have an answer when asked. At least In my experience, they tend to not even wanna develop things in gaming because of it. t feels really enigmatic.