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That's not entirely true, you have to be market savvy and sell when the right opportunity comes. History is littered with companies and ideas that waited too long.

Paying 10 to 100 million for something that could be replicated in a month or two or less for free (by someone else) and/or more feature rich by a determined company with money is not a good investment.

You also have to keep in mind that there are already dozens of desktop and web-based photo programs that range from free to 50 bucks. There is a slim market for more, the market for this type of site is "free" and it's not going to generate 7 or 8 figures of revenue for the purchaser for that reason alone. Companies are sometimes stupid, but not that stupid.

If he gets a good offer, he should sell.

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I see lots of issues with this. This won't be a place for "everyone".