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What are your thoughts about John Oliver taking over the anchor spot for a bit this summer? Anything different planned?

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Nile, my SO and I saw you & Chic for the first time at MSG last summer with EWF and it was amazing. Thanks for everything you've done for dance and rock music.

My question regards your travel schedule, which based on your Twitter feed is effectively insane. Do you have a go-to strategy for sleeping on flights and in strange hotel rooms every night? And have you considered doing a residency in a place like Vegas just to not be on the road so much?

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Having lived in NYC, Philly and DC, I think PHL is really not that bad. It’s close enough to Center City and thanks to AA you can get to most any city east of the Mississippi directly. My ranking of Northeast major airports:

  1. DCA
  2. PHL
  3. EWR
  4. JFK
  5. LGA
  6. IAD, which combines the general confusion of JFK with an hour’s drive to the city it allegedly supports No rating: BWI

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What's the Day One reaction to the administrative process so far? How long are the telephone wait times, any glitches in healthcare.gov, any reported attempts at Denial of Service attacks from anti-Obamacare hackers? Anything? Recognizing that the day is still early, I'm surprised we are not getting inundated with "it's so easy" / "it's a total disaster" messages yet.