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ffs at least get the ones with the rubber grippy dots on the sole! :p

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I'm convinced that all you diarrhea mofo's just need to eat some fiber and hydrate. I don't have this issue with Taco Bell at all.

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Just tell him English is the global language, and invite him to get off your planet. That's what we do.


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Yeah it is, you just sell it like OP...

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You overestimate them. This isn't an easy thing to do and requires dedication, not apathy.

Oh yes.I got rashes and massive outbreaks of acne. Sebum buildup is insane. Rashes grew in areas that collect a lot of sweat, like the armpits and groin. My back and shoulders got covered in acne after a couple weeks, but by the second month it had all disappeared. The rashes remained though. I needed a cream to treat them.

So, socially, this is easily the worst thing I've ever experienced. Dealing with random strangers who like you're homeless is one thing, but knowing that you've reached a level of disgusting that even people who love you cannot bear is another. I'm not equipped to comment on the finer details, as I'm not one of the scientists analyzing the results, but living it was hell. I understood why they didn't want me around. I was literally a health hazard. But there's something about knowing that people's tolerance of you is conditional that's deeply unsettling.