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little Prima Nocta = just the tip

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TPP - Mostly good or mostly bad?

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Wow 70% is much larger than I would have guessed. Still not "everyone" but a large majority. Thanks for the info!

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Thanks for the response. If there was a "score" for each persons implicit bias, which would be most accurate?

1) Most people have a score above the acceptable level to be a LEO (law enforcement officer). Meaning everyone needs to get better.

2) People with high scores are more likely to become LEOs. Meaning we need to hire different people.

3) Being a LEO raises your score. Meaning we need to change police culture/training.

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Do you think everyone has an equal implicit bias? Sec Clinton in the debate said that its nothing to do with police culture or training, but that everyone would be shooting unarmed black teens if they were in that position.

It struck me as offensive that she called everyone racist and violent. Do you agree with her or is she exaggerating?