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How do you feel about headlines like: "For Detained Police Whistle-Blower, a Hospital Bill, Not an Apology" "Police beat and break the ribs of a peaceful protesting, 70-year old, Pulitzer prize winning literature professor." and the thousands of other stories of officers covering up the illegal actions of their "brothers". Do you deny the Blue Wall of Silence or is it as real as the evidence indicates?


You see, I think that is a bit much in terms of useless hyperbole. All I want is honest cops.


Name one cop that has stopped bad cops. Good Adrian Schoolcraft and see what happens when you report your fellow officers to Internal Affairs. It not irrational, its an institutional issue that the police as a whole, PBA, Frat. Order, all of them are on the side of the Blue Wall. There are NO good cops, and I am not changing that stance at all. The allegedly "good" cops are hamstrung and driven out by the rest for not conforming. Its not my opinion nor is it tied to my own experiences. Should I make some nice, soft proclamations like most of the apologists here? Race isnt my issue at all, the police remaining above the law they swore to enforce and protecting each other from their very regular wrongdoings against the people they should be protecting is. Take a look at "civil forfeiture" and see what the police do when you have something they want. You dont have to do anything wrong at all, they just have to want it, and good luck getting it back. If the mythical "good" cop isnt calling out fellow officers on their abuse of citizens publicly and seeking prosecution, not from Internal Affairs, they are a bad cop like the rest of them.


Oh, and police certainly never ever classify entire groups as anything. . . .


"No, I just know how to stay out of trouble." OK, so weetruck is white and is convinced that you have to actually do something illegal to be arrested. . . .