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How do you view the current censorship tornado ripping through Reddit, and most other major social websites?

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On top of that, these are the ones who will bend over, to get appointed moderators. Creating a feedback loop of discourse destruction, pushing battles out of the internet, and into the streets.

... claiming: "I tried to make things better, by stopping disagreements" ... failing to realize that precisely that, was the straw.

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I believe speech must be a broad battlefield of ideas and convictions ... As a narrower field pushes the battle into physicality.

We really need some deep research into this teeter totter of human expression and combative nature.

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First of all, we need the culture of battle ... honor, bravery, sacrifice, creativity, compromise ... tried and true.

Censorship is anti culture. A battle-Goddess picking winners and losers with no battle allowed. Disgraceful and without honer for all parties.

Nobody learns anything, and everyone feels a little dirty.