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What is your favorite vehicle (can be anything, tank, aircraft, truck, boat/ship) from World War II and why?

Also, one more if you don't mind. Have you three ever considered doing a cheap pickup truck segment? I know when you rescued Hammond from that mountain that you and Jeremy did it but all three of you doing silly things with cheap pickup trucks in America would absolutely delight me since I'm an American and would love to see you all rant off about why they're horrible/bad/etc.

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Dysentary is too mainstream. I hear smallpox is coming back.

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Wow, only 4. I would have thought at least a few more. Makes me sad I was unable to ride in one during an air show at a local airport. Those are absolutely majestic and thank you for your service. :)

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What's great as well is that it's politically funny without making fun of either party. I don't think I've even heard a distinguishment of political parties on the show.

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Sucks for Batman.