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I actually watched that episode when it aired and after all said and done I said that you had to be one of the top winners ever! Congrats.

We’re the other contestants sad or jealous they were up against a wheel master? I felt bad for chad all dressed up

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No questions for you. Just want to say that I appreciate you and the story/mission ever since I heard about you guys and bought a shirt back in 2006-07?

Keep up the fantastic work.

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So I’ll pick up some compound and polish since I’ll use it sooner or later but still try by hand for now.

Dawn wash Iron remover Clay bar with onr Compound Polish

When should I wet sand? Before everything? Just before compound and polish?

Thanks for the in depth response.

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I’ll make a post on the auto detailing Reddit in the future but wanted some help with my car paint.

Have a relatively new model 3 that I’ve been trying to take care of. I’ve been good about minimizing swirls. I do have rock chips and I’ve been filling them in with touch up paint and clear coat. Two particular chips on the hood were large and close to each other and I got a little crazy with the touch up paint and clear coat so there’s a little raised spot about the size of 2 quarters.

My plan was to wait until after the winter to correct everything without buying too much new equipment. I usually use turtle wax seal and shine and the ice spray wax on top.

Dawn dish soap wash Iron remover Another dawn wash IPA wipe down Would that get the wax and sealant off? It would be about 4 months after application of the seal and shine.

Then try to tackle the raised clear coat. Mask off the area and wet sand with 1000-5000 grit sandpaper with ipa wipe down in between. The haze scares me and don’t want to get a orbital polisher. I have this trinova swirl remover that seems to work well on small things. Do you think that would work to get the haze out?

Once everything is off, I was going to try a ceramic coat. Thinking about cquartz 3.0 and possibly gliss.