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Is terraformation profitable? Could this be easily presented to people who care more about their pockets than they do about the environment?

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The only celebrity I have actually decided to talk to was Woody Harrelson and his spouse at SFO. He had a glass jug of water for a flight to Hawaii and I mentioned it was a lot of water to drink on a flight considering he has to share a bathroom on the plane. He said it was for both he and his pouse. After the flight I saw half the water was still in the jug and I said, "figured you wouldn't drink it all!" or something to that effect and he said "I did my part, she didn't drink her half!" We had more conversation than that between both airports, but that was most memorable. - after having such an awesome normal interaction with him, I have never spoken to another celebrity and I like to think they would all be just as nice. Sorry for the out of place story, but that's what your comment brought to mind.

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Is Aubrey Plaza available? Asking for a friend.