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Where did you get that shirt? I kind of want it.

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Sweet, thanks, mate.

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I have a few questions;

1) Do you ever go out and see the polar bears in their natural environment?

  • If yes, what's the longest you have stayed out there for?

  • if (again) yes, have you ever watched The Thing whilst out there? (I don't know why but I'm imagining it looking like a snow blasted research base)

  • Are there any complications with staying out there for too long?

2) What can the average schmuck (ta-da!) do to help climate change slow itself down a bit?

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Greetings from England, matey, I would like to first say; me and my mates, before the Iron Sky 2 trailer came out, that it would be UKIP on Mars but it seems Iron Sky 2 is even crazier than that.

Can I ask; what drove you to direct Iron Sky 1 and what drove you to direct the sequel?

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Every year? Good lord, man. That must be lovely to see.

I will try my hardest, my friend. If only to keep you in a job. Just a small joke.